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Image by Igal Ness

Happy Rosh Hashana

The high holidays bring us a spirit of renewal for a better, happier, and more prosperous year. We here in Israel are excited for the coming harvest in which we will reap the fruit of our labor that your farmers have worked on all year. This year the climate was optimal for the olive trees in Israel, and the expectation of the experts is for high-quality olive oil, which will be especially tasty. 

It's harvest time! 

IMG_20191031_104515-compressor (1).jpg

Adopt a tree for you and your family and have your family name on your tree and bottles of olive oil.


A great idea for your friend's birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. Imagin their face when they see their name on a tree and bottles of olive oil!


Have your loved ones' memory live on in the land of Israel, and have their name on a tree and bottles of olive oil.

DSC_0176 (1).jpg

A great idea for a Bat/Bar Mitzvah project. Supporting Israeli farmers and having olive trees in Israel which you can visit when you are in Israel.

Imagine giving out your child's private brand of olive oil to your guests at your party! 


A great platform to take part in this project while fundraising for your community!


A new and unique way to connect your students to Israel! Link them to Israel through the Israeli olive tree which represents our culture, history, and our advanced environmental philosophy. 

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