Choose your way of connecting to Israel

Choose your way of adopting a tree. 

Make your own brand

For you and your family

Your brand of olive oil from your adopted tree in Israel

As a gift for someone special

A great idea for your friends birthday, anniversary or as a holiday gift. Imagin their face when they see their name on their bottles

In memory of a loved one

Have your loved ones memory live on in the land of Israel & have their name on your bottles of olive oil

Adopt as apart of an educational program

An outstanding way to connect your students to the land of Israel

Adopts for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A great idea for your Bat/Bar Mitzvah project

Imagin giving out your branded olive oil to your guests at your party

Adopt a tree as a community

A beautiful communal activity uniting towards Israel - We are strongest when we are united!

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