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Promote Israel while supporting your school

Our Program:

My Tree connects schools from the USA and Canada to Israeli farmers in the most impactful and personal way, while creating a tasty fundraising opportunity. This is done by adopting olive trees in the farmer’s olive grove, which will produce six breathtaking bottles of boutique kosher extra virgin olive oil per tree, with your private label. 

There are many reasons why your school should join My Tree : 


  • Great fundraising opportunity for your school. 

  • Deepen your students' roots in the land of Israel in a new and unique way.

  • The olive tree has many aspects that are very educational including its historical connections to the land, it's religious importance to our tradition, Its symbolism of peace, and more. The olive tree is something tangible that can be included to your curriculum including zooming with us and virtually visiting your trees, or visiting the olive grove during your yearly delegations to Israel.

  • Each tree produces for you six bottles of Kosher extra virgin olive oil with your private label. 

Green Leaves
Educational Gardening
Educational program

Adopting an olive tree in Israel is a terrific way to connect your student to Israel with something tangible. The olive tree can fit into your school curriculum through religious studies, Zionistic studies, agricultural studies, you name it! Visit your tree and meet your farmer on your next trip to Israel or via zoom. Offer your students parents to participate as well and adopt their family tree.

Green Leaves
Mother and Baby Lighting a Menorah

Choose one of holidays such as Tu-Bishvat or Shavuot as an opportunity to promote this program. A beautiful way to connect your members to Israel through the olive tree which symbolizes peace, one of the seven species know to the land of Israel ,and the olive oil, which was used in the Temple. 

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Bnai Mitzvah

As a part of preparing your young adult for his/her bar/bat mitzvah, adopting olive trees is a wonderful way to support and connect to Israel. Parents can adopt tree's and receive the bottles of oil labeled with their childes name which can be distributed to their guests during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. When the child and his/her family visit Israel, they are welcome to visit their trees and meet their farmer.

Contact to get started!


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“My Tree Israel brought our tree to us and created excitement and tons of ruach! We were thrilled to partner and collaborate with Yishai and Kobi to virtually present our Ohev Shalom Hebrew School olive tree to our families and students. Yishai’s presentation from the orchard in front of the tree was priceless! The students were in awe as they learned about the olive tree growing process as well as making olive oil.  Schools around the world should adopt trees to bring experiential learning straight from Israel to the classroom!”

B. Glickman

One of Seven

The Olive tree is one of the Seven Species Praised in the Land of Israel. Seven fruits and grains mentioned and praised in the Bible as typical of the land of Israel.



The olive tree was discovered ALL around Israel over 6000 years ago. The tree is mentioned in the bible numerous times and was used in the temple to light the Menorah. The olive tree has been a place of honor in human culture for over 8,000 years. Already at the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, the victorious coronation was with foreigners interwoven with olive branches. Paintings of olive trees are found on ancient Greek urns, the Romans used the olive branches for rituals.



The olive tree’s branch is a universal symbol of peace and appears in different places such as: in the IDF’s logo, In the IDF’s ranking system, in the emblem of the state of Israel and it’s police force, and even in the emblem of the UN.

Olive Branch

Connection To The Land

The olive tree has the ability to deepen its roots In the rough soil of Israel – a symbol of the Jewish People being able to deepen their roots in the land.

Today, there are olive trees that are over 1000 years old! 

There is no symbol that expresses the connection to the land and the land of Israel more than the olive tree.

Olive vineyards form an integral part of the landscapes of Israel.

An Israeli landscape that incorporates a symbol of peace and hope for new beginnings.

A landscape that gives calm and pleasure.

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