Your tree in Israel in memory of a loved one

Have your loved ones memory live on in the land of Israel & have their name on six bottles of olive oil that will be produced from your adopted tree

Adopting a tree

When you take part in this special My Tree in Israel project and choose to adopt a tree in the land of Israel, you are:​

·        Commemorating the memory of your loved one.

·        Strengthening and contributing to the Israeli economy.;

·        And Deepening both yours and our roots in the land of Israel.


​In return for your support of the My Tree in Israel project, you:

·        Support an Israeli farmer who will take loving care of your tree.

·        Receive 6 bottles of Extra Virgin Kosher Olive Oil with your name on each bottle sent directly to your doorstep.

For $ 220, you will commemorate the memory of your loved one in the Holy Land and receive six bottles of olive oil bearing their name straight to your home, free shipping included.


What do people who already adopted a tree have to say?

Who we are

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About the olive oil

Learn about the olive oil that you will receive from your adopted tree

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