This independence day, MY TREE IN ISRAEL gives you the opportunity to adopt an olive tree and to support Israeli farmers.

In this unique program, you can deepen your roots in the land of Israel and will give you something tangible that you can visit throughout the year.

Your tree will yield six bottles personalized with your name or the name of your choice and will be delivered directly to your doorstep after the harvest.
It's the perfect gift for someone special or a way to commemorate your loved one's memory in the land of Israel.

You adopt an olive tree in Israel

The farmer takes care of your tree and cultivates it

When the harvest arrives, we produce pure, high-quality olive oil for you.

The olive oil is then send directly to your doorstep in six branded bottles personalized with your name.

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"We love "My Tree in Israel." It is a fantastic way to support Israeli farmers directly and grow the Jewish people's connection with the Land of Israel. Plus, we get six bottles of delicious olive oil. It made for an incredible

Hannukah gift!"

A. Harris


"in 2020 I adopted another olive tree via My Tree in Israel..."

J. Schellong

"Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."
"We encourage anyone who wants to connect to the land of Israel and support the agricultural economy in a real way to adopt a tree and be a part of the life of the agricultural community of Israel."

C. Bishop

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"Help make the oil continue to burn … A great way to make the Hanukkah miracle come alive in our day … 
Our oil arrived today … cannot wait to use it …"

R. Eisen

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"I really like the Mytree program. It helps support Israeli farmers and helps people feel connected to the state of Israel. Of course, I like the Olive Oil too. I've told a number of people about this program, and they have joined. Hopefully they will tell others. Thanks for organizing this program. Some day I hope to visit my Olive Oil farmer in Israel. Take care"

L. Bressler

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"From the fruit of a tree in Israel to our table in faraway America, My Tree olive oil is a bridge that unites people around shared love of good food and the good earth. We are humbly honored to partner with My Tree as a memorial to my brother of blessed memory and as hope for a sustainable, prosperous future for all."

J. DiPeso

The Olive oil is Kosher, extra virgin, enhances every dish and adds great enjoyment to any meal!

Visit your tree and get a VIP tour from your farmer!

Be a partner in Israel's amazing success story!

Strengthening The Robust Bridge Between You And The People Of Israel

As An Original Gift     For Your Family     In Memory Of A Loved One