Create Your Private Brand Of Israeli Olive Oil From The Holy Land

As An Original Gift     For Your Family     In Memory Of A Loved One

Strengthening the robust bridge between you and the people of Israel


Adopt an olive tree this Tu-B'shvat, and receive the olive oil from your tree with your brand directly after the harvest!

Your private brand from the Holy Land

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Another opinion

My delicious olive oil arrived in time to give a few bottles as gifts to family members. Superior quality and my personal “brand” made for a wonderful gift. Personally, I am very excited to have this personal touch of Israel, and plan to adopt a tree again in the coming year. Toda Rabbah

—  Rabbi Paula


Your Farmer

Your farmer is committed to taking care of your tree through the year and will show you your tree when you come and visit Israel


Your Tree

  • Your tree is located near Jezreel Valley in Ein Eron

  • You can visit your tree anytime - it's YOUR adopted tree!

  • You even have the option to have a sign with your name put on the tree.


Your Olive Oil

  • Extra virgin

  • Kosher

  • Your name on each bottle - your brand

  • 6 bottles of 750ml sent to your doorstep free of charge!

  • The superb taste of Israeli olive oil

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When you invest directly in the Israeli farmer

Instead of buying olive oil off the shelf, you are getting fresh, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil from the holy land labeled with your name.

In addition to that

You are supporting and contributing to the Israeli economy in the most personal and impactful way!

In the words of the farmer: 

"For us, it’s a way to grow our business, but also to strengthen the bond with people that care about us. So it’s a real win win for both of us"

Mrs. Bishop:

"Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."

"We encourage anyone who wants to connect to the land of Israel and support the agricultural economy in a real way to adopt a tree and be a part of the life of the agricultural community of Israel."

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