A beautiful way to connect your child to the land of Israel for this special ocasion! An outstanding way to support Israel & Israeli agriculture while strengthening Israeli produce!

The olive oil that will be produced from your trees will be sent to you with your childs name on the bottles. Top it all off, what is more special then to give out the olive oil to your guests during your party!

Imagin olive trees in Israel baring your childs name symbolizing the transition from childhood to adulthood!


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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tree

  • Adopting an olive tree in Israel grants you the right to the olive oil that is produced from the grove where your tree grows during the year that your tree is adopted. 

    Once the tree barse fruite, we will ship your olive oil to your doorstep.

    The adoption period ends when you receive your olive oil. You can then adopt your tree for next years harvest once more.

    If something happens to your tree during the adoption period, we are committed to replacing your adopted tree with another.

    You are welcome to come and visit your tree.

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Welcome to harvest 2021!

If you plan to order several trees and ship to different locations, please contact us first

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