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A great time to plant a tree
An amazing time to adopt an olive tree!

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What is Tu-Bishvat?

Tu-Bishvat is the new year for the trees, fruit trees in particular.
Why is that?
In the Mediterranean region, the rainy season begins with the festival of Sukkot (September-October). It takes approximately four months (from Sukkot, the 15th of Tishrei, until the 15th of Shevat) for the rains of the new year to saturate the soil and trees, and produce fruit. All fruit which blossom beforehand are a product of the rains of the previous year, and are tithed together with the crops of the previous year.

Happy New year!

Tu-Bishvat is the new year for the fruit trees in Israel "Rosh Hashanah La'elanot". In the recent past, you received your fruits from your adopted tree's in Israel in the form of your personal brand of olive oil.
We were honord and greatful to receive so many warm remarks from our family of adopters! We'de love to hear from you in case you didnt do so yet!

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Back To Step One.

We are so happy that you got the chance to taste your very own fruits from Israel in honor of Tu-Bishvat.
In this period in time, the farmer is starting to cultivate the olive trees for the next harvest.
A very special begining of a long proccess. 
Now is the time that the cycle starts again. My Tree in Israel invited you to be a part of the process from the begining, and enjoy your trees fruits from harvest 2022!


If you adopted your tree through your local community, reach out to the community staff to re-adopt your tree

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