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All adoptions of olive trees, the olive oil will ship in December 2024

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All orders of whisky ordered by November 1st, 2024 will be received in December 2024.

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All orders of wine ordered by August 25th, 2024 will be received in September 2024.

  • Includes Shipping.

  • Includes 6 bottles (25 ounces each)

  • Includes your private Label

  • Includes VIP tour of your tree in Israel

How It Works

You adopt an olive tree in Israel near Jezreel Valley.

During the year, the farmer takes care of your tree and cultivates it.

When the harvest arrives (November), we produce pure, high-quality Kosher extra virgin boutique olive oil for you.


Six bottles personalized with your name or the name of your choice will be delivered directly to your doorstep after the harvest.


When Do You Get Your Oil?

You will receive the olive oil from the grove in which your adopted tree grows during the first quarter of the year following the tree adoption. 


Adopting between the 2nd of november 2021 and the 1st of November 2022 will be considered harvest 2022. Any tree adopted after the 2nd ofNovember 2022 will be for harvest 2023.

The harvest is typically in the middle of November. Since we are shipping via airline, the oil may be shipped as early as mid December.


Shipping Info

By filling out the shipping information, you tell us where to ship your olive oil.

The shipping is free, not including entrance fees if needed.

FREE shipping


The yearly tree adoption cost is a ONE time payment. You are welcome and invited to adopt your tree the following year as well. When adopting year after year, you get to keep the same tree. We recommend that you do so and make it an enjoyable tradition for years to come.

Adopting An Olive Tree

Adopting an olive tree in Israel grants you the right to the olive oil that is produced from the grove where your tree grows during the year that your tree is adopted.

Once the olives are harvested, we will ship your 6 bottles of olive oil to your doorstep.

The adoption period ends when you receive your olive oil. We then invite you to adopt your tree, again, for next year’s harvest.

You are welcome to come and visit your tree.

Adopt Your Olive Tree and six bottles Sub

Price Options
$230.00every year until canceled
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