There is no doubt that Israel is one of the world’s great success stories going into the 21st century with the transformation of the country from a desert into a thriving land. Israel displays a unique culture created by a blend of people who share a long history and a common set of values.

Our Mission

We strive to encourage, support, enrich, and inspire people who care about Israel From all over the world. We do so by connecting people to an Israeli farmer through the adoption of an olive tree in the farmers grove. The adoption is not a donation but will give the people something tangible in the Land of Israel and also olive oil that will be produced from those trees. We build new and deep spiritual connections & strengthen the bond with people that care about us.

We believe that a win-win situation is created when our goal is achieved. That is, when you adopt an olive tree in Israel, you receive six bottles of pure extra virgin olive oil with your private label that was produced from your tree in Israel. At the same time, you are promoting Israeli agriculture and directly supporting an Israeli farmer and Israel’s economy.

Meet The Team

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Yishai Gelb

Yishai Gelb is the co-founder, website developer, and leads the sales team at "My Tree in Israel".

Yishai recently completed his military service in the Israeli Air Force and is currently a member of Connections Israel. For the past 4 years, Yishai has worked with communities all over the world with the vision and intention of strengthening their ties with Israel.

Yaakov Asaf

Yaakov (Kobi) Asaf is the co-founder and director of "My Tree in Israel".

Kobi has over 30 year of experience in the business world. His vision of “My Tree in Israel” is to connect supporters from around the world to the land of Israel in a tangible and meaningful way. Kobi lives in Binyamina with his wife and 4 children.


Ofir Asaf

Ofir is the co-founder and Operations Manager of "My Tree in Israel". Ofir has been involved with many projects relating to Israeli agriculture. He has joined the team because he shares the vision of promoting Israeli agriculture.