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Israel's impressive transformation from a young nation into a regional powerhouse is undeniable. With seven decades of support, it's time to embrace the rewards of this success through "My Tree in Israel." This initiative connects global supporters with Israeli farmers, allowing them to adopt olive trees and grapevines. In return, supporters receive six bottles of exclusive olive oil and wine delivered to their doorstep.



People worldwide seek unique ways to support Israel personally. A strong, values-based connection to the land, agriculture, and farmers is crucial for fostering enduring ties between supporters and Israel. "My Tree" serves as an innovative bridge connecting people from around the world to the Land of Israel.

Our adopters have shared their deep emotional connection to Israel through our program. They take pride in being part of this initiative, having a tangible link to the Land of Israel, and supporting its economy directly. Many also cherish strengthening the Jewish connection to the land and giving their custom olive oil as gifts. Some find solace in adopting a tree in memory of loved ones.

Communities use our program as a tasty fundraiser, promoting Israel while supporting their causes. Partnered synagogues, JCC branches, schools, and communities find it a fantastic way to strengthen members' ties to Israel. It's a win-win for everyone: Israel, farmers, communities, and our adopters—a real WIN WIN WIN WIN!

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Meet The Team Leaders


Kobi Assaf - CEO

When Kobi decided to found the company, in his vision, he sees two main goals, the first of which is to constitute a stable and attractive bridge through which people from all over the world will be able to connect to Israel in a very direct, unique and personal way. And the second is to promote the local Israeli farmers who work the land throughout the year. And by doing so, promoting Israeli produce all over the world.

Kobi's confidence and determination to march the company forward are based on the WIN WIN  principle, which is created when My Tree succeeds in achieving these goals. The WIN WIN is manifested from different directions and promises benefits to all parties:

The Adopters - we recognize that there are more and more people from different countries in the world who yearn to express their support for Israel in a very personal and innovative way but no longer by donations, but by investing in an Israeli product like olive oil. Instead of planting a tree somewhere in the forest, our adopters prefer to invest in an olive tree of an Israeli farmer who also gives him a unique return - kosher Israeli olive oil, and extracted from the same plot where his tree grows. More than that, his olive oil bottles are branded with his private brand and sent in a beautiful package directly to his doorstep. Beyond that, the olive tree is something symbolic, tangible and physical that our adopter sitting abroad can be proud of, and even pay their farmer a visit during their next trip to Israel.

The local communities - to my delight synagogues, congregations, and schools see us as a great way to connect community members to Israel and use this community fundraising platform to simply "Promote Israel while you also support your community".

Our Farmers - when the farmer joins the My Tree family, he can work his land knowing that there are already people waiting eagerly for the fruits of his labor. In addition it gives him personal and financial security because My Tree pays him higher than the market price in Israel. The choice of the farmers and the oil mill where we produce the olive oil is done very carefully to ensure its high quality.

The State of Israel - The investment of our adopters assists the  agriculture industry and the Israeli economy by investing foreign currency in the Israeli economy. This is without mentioning that olive oil has many aspects: historical, religious, symbolic and of course many health values, olive oil is mentioned in the Bible which indicates our roots in the Land of Israel.

Kobi has over 30 years of experience in senior management positions in the business world in Israel, both in the retail market and in the institutional market, and today devotes all his time and energy to the success of his venture. He lives in Binyamina with his wife and four children.


Yishai Gelb - VP

Yishai Gelb, VP of Marketing at My Tree in Israel, began his journey at 17, aiming to strengthen international relations with Israel. He started as an intern at the Accor municipality and later became a Project Manager at Connections Israel, where he connected North American individuals, synagogues, schools, and congregations with the IDF to support lone soldiers.

During his military service in the AIF, Gelb co-founded My Tree in Israel, a project revolutionizing support for Israel by connecting Israel lovers directly with local farmers. They produce high-quality olive oil, wine, and whisky shipped with a private label to supporters worldwide, offering a unique way to invest in Israel's success.

Gelb envisions expanding My Tree's partnership program uniting Israel lovers worldwide around Israeli innovation, agriculture, and technology.

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Ofir Assaf - Logistics Director

Ofir joined the team from day one, and holds the position of logistics director. Ofir is very connected to the main idea, to connect people from all over the world to Israel. Ofir is entirely focused on the logistical responsibility that begins when receiving a new adopter for the my tree family, and ends only after the package arrives at the adopters doorstep immediately after harvest.

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