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Create Your Private label of Israeli whisky

12 bottles of your private collection of whisky from your adopted barrel in Israel

Single Grain | Single Cask | 700ML | 46%

Aged in new charred oak casks at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, overlooking the Sea Of Galilee.

Free shipping, includes customs and taxes


About the Distillery

Golani Distillery is a family-owned distillery located in the beautiful Golan Heights region of Israel. Established in 2014 by David and Alona Zibell, the distillery is focused on producing high-quality, locally-sourced whiskies that showcase the unique terroir of the area.

In 2016,  Israel’s first-ever whisky was introduced on Independence Day, marking a milestone achievement for our family and our distillery. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our offerings, while always respecting the land and community that make our whiskies possible.


How it works

You invest in a barrel of whiskey at Golani distillery. Single Grain | Single Cask | 46% Experience refinement with our Golani Black Lifestyle Whisky.

From that cask, you will receive two cases of six bottles (12 bottles total) each 700 ml. 

You will choose the name you'd like to print on the label of your bottles.

The bottles will then be sent to you in the USA for you to enjoy. The next shipment is in December 2023

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