I received the olive oil in good condition and am very happy with the product. My family and I love the idea of adopting a tree and getting the oil from the harvest. I was amazed that it was 6 x 750ml bottles and the label looks perfect.

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We love "My Tree in Israel." It is a fantastic way to support Israeli farmers directly and grow the Jewish people's connection with the Land of Israel. Plus, we get six bottles of delicious olive oil. It made for an incredible Hannukah gift!

My Tree Israel brought our tree to us and created excitement and tons of ruach! We were thrilled to partner and collaborate with Yishai and Koby to virtually present our Ohev Shalom Hebrew School olive tree to our families and students. Yishai’s presentation from the orchard in front of the tree was priceless! The students were in awe as they learned about the olive tree growing process as well as making olive oil.  Schools around the world should adopt trees to bring experiential learning straight from Israel to the classroom!

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I am a proud owner and satisfied consumer of the My Tree Olive Oil from my own adopted tree! Tastes great and coming from Ha’Aretz makes it that much more special. Kol Ha’Kavod and Happy Chanukah

I was thrilled and proud to sponsor an Olive Tree in Israel in support of our Hebrew School. What a fantastic way for our synagogue school to partner with an incredible organization in Israel. The custom olive oil is very special and fabulous. I can’t wait for our Tichon students to possibly visit the tree on their trip to Israel next year!

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We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase and support of this wonderful program! We were happy to donate to this great idea by adopting a tree and frankly expected a plain, mediocre oil which we would just cook with. What arrived was EXACTLY the oil flavor we love, bold, nutty, and full of flavor. This is the oil we seek to purchase in high-end stores, like the arbequina oil. Used it last night on salad and veggies. Really amazing oil and a great program! Keep up the great work!

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My delicious olive oil arrived in time to give a few bottles as gifts to family members. Superior quality and my personal “brand” made for a wonderful gift. Personally, I am very excited to have this personal touch of Israel, and plan to adopt a tree again in the coming year. Toda Rabbah

Excellent organization to help give your loved one spiritual rest in the great Nation of Israel. Thank you for fulfilling a desire from a departed loved one.

Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."

"We encourage anyone who wants to connect to the land of Israel and support the agricultural economy in a real way to adopt a tree and be a part of the life of the agricultural community of Israel.

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Everyone I know to whom I've given a bottle of the oil from the trees I've adopted - gifts and to encourage others to also adopt one - says it's the best olive oil they've ever had.  No, not cheap - but it's great oil, you get to customize the label on the back to say whose tree it is, and it supports the holy land and the Zionist dream.