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Create Your Private Collection of Israeli Wine


We thoroughly enjoyed our new Vintage from Eretz Yisroel. The flavors were incredibly tasty, and we enjoyed every drop of our premium Israeli wine! Great gifts as well.

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Your private collection of wine represents your personal and direct connection to the Israeli farmer, who cultivates the land with a passion for producing the best wine from the Land of Israel for you. My Tree in Israel’s program is an extraordinary way to express your love and support for Israel, and we look forward to making this partnership a tradition for years to come.
Adopt a grapevine and receive six bottles of award winning Israeli wine, each with your personal label. For you and your family, as an incredible gift, in memory of a loved one, you name it!

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All Wines
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Your Private Cask

Producing high-quality wine involves significant financial investment, particularly for aging the wine in oak barrels over several months. We invite you to join us in supporting the farmer by contributing to the financing of this crucial stage in wine production. Through My Tree in Israel, you have the opportunity to engage in the entire winemaking process by making an initial payment of approximately 30% of the barrel's value. This contribution aids the farmer in financing the aging process.

After the aging process (between 14-22 months), you will complete the remaining payment for the bottling and shipping of the wine. Throughout this journey, you are welcome to visit the cellar and taste your wine as it matures. Each bottle will bear your personal labels, featuring a distinctive Roman print. The next harvest is scheduled for August 2024, marking the beginning of the process after the harvest. You can select from Pioneer, Moledet, or Icon barrels to be a part of this unique experience.

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Pioneer Cask

  • Red blend: Syrah, Argaman, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 14 moths French Oak

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 300 bottles per cask

  • $4,050 pre payment. $9,450 after aging.



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Moledet Cask

  • Dry red blend: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 18 moths French Oak

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 300 bottles per cask

  • $4,497 pre payment. $10,493 after aging.



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Icon Cask

  • Dry red blend: Syrah, Carignan

  • 22 moths French Oak

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 300 bottles per cask

  • $8,775 pre payment. $20,475 after aging.



The Winery's Story

Jezreel Valley Winery was established in 2012 with a clear vision — to make truly Israeli wine. The kind that matches the Israeli climate, the Israeli palate,
and the Israeli spirit. Our journey towards this unique style led us to incredible Mediterranean varieties, rich soils full of history, and cutting-edge winemaking

After a decade of creation and development, we have made something we can truly be proud of. The Jezreel Valley Winery is a vision come to a life of modernized Israeli winemaking. Combining the best of winemaking tradition and state-of-the-art technology. We are creating exciting new wines which reflect our unorthodox; approach to a unique synthesis of varietals and best practices from Napa to Bordeaux. For us, this is modern Israel.


The faces behind your wine

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The Jezreel Valley Winery was established following Jacob Ner-David's and Yehuda Nahar's dreams. Their shared dream included establishing a high quality
the winery that would combine traditional winemaking with their love of the land and of Israel, all the while maintaining advanced technology and bold choices
in the landscape of the local wine industry.

The winery focuses on the Israeli Argaman, Carignan, and Syrah varieties, Which are especially suitable for growing and enjoying
the Mediterranean weather and blend perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine. During its 11 years of operation, the winery has received amazing marks from
all the important wine critics in the world, including Robert Parker, Wine Enthusiast, James Sucking, and more.

Watch an interview with the My Tree in Israel team and Jacob, founder of Jezreel Winery

The Unique Connection

This unique program connects you directly to Israeli farmers, personally and positively.
This commitment to engaging with the homeland will yield you high quality premium Israeli wine.

A wonderful way to strengthen the robust bridge between you and the people of Israel!

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To deepen your roots in the Land of Israel, giving you something tangible in the State of Israel.

Because of the direct connection to the Israeli farmer to support him.

To create a private collection of  your personal wine from Israel to enjoy over the years.


Because Israeli wine is superb, with a nostalgic taste. 

To invest in a legacy that keeps giving for generations to come.

To feel proud of your special investment in the Israeli land, which yields you your very own extraordinary boutique wine.

A rooted and value-based connection to the land, agriculture, and farmers created a deep connection over the years.


How it works

You adopt a grapevine in the galilee, in the north of Israel.

During the year, the farmer takes care of your grapevine and cultivates it.

When the harvest arrives, the farmer will produce pure, high-quality Kosher wine for you.

Six bottles of Israeli wine personalized with your name or the name of your choice will be delivered directly to your doorstep after the wine finishes its aging process in the barrel. 

The next shipment will be in September 2024, arriving in time for the high holidays of 2024!

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