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My Tree in Israel has partnered with Beit Kobi, a wonderful organization established in honor and memory of Kobi Ichelbom, who fell in action on March 10, 2002.


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"Becoming a skilled soldier from a background like mine isn't an exceptional feat. What truly matters is reaching out to those facing challenges and helping them rise above their struggles."

Beit Kobi stands as a living tribute, a beacon of inspiration forged in the enduring memory and unwavering honor of Staff Sergeant Kobi Ichelbom (HYD). His values, the very essence of his leadership, illuminate our path.

In his death, Kobi bequeathed life to the children of the Kindergarten in Netzarim.

When the Palestinian workers entered to work in the Netzerim village, Kobi was the mission commander. Kobi recognized within the Palestinian workers someone who was dressed all in black, with a leather jacket and his hand was inside the jacket. At that time the protection in the crossings was poor. Kobi approached him and yelled at him to stop! The terrorist took out a gun and shot Kobi in the head from point-blank range. In the investigation that was done after Kobi's death, it turned out that the terrorist was on his way to carry out an attack in the kindergarten of the village of Netzerim. In his death, Kobi saved the kindergarten children in the settlement.

With unwavering dedication, Beit Kobi aspires to be an organization that embodies uniqueness and inspiration in all its endeavors. Our relentless commitment is to nurture the physical, mental, and moral well-being of Israel's valiant soldiers and the broader Israeli society. 

Beit Kobi's mission is rooted in the noble principles that guided Kobi's life: the bonds of familiarity, the warmth of friendship, an unwavering love for our homeland, and an unyielding commitment to the IDF's code of ethics. In this noble pursuit, we seek to kindle the spirit of unity and excellence that lives within each of us. Together, we forge a brighter future, forged in the enduring flame of Kobi's legacy.

For every tree or grapevine that you adopt, and for every barrel of whisky that you invest in, My Tree will donate a portion of the proceeds to Beit Kobi to assist them in their mission to become a leading model for providing assistance to lone soldiers by:

  • Providing a home and family for lone soldiers

  • Training and assisting volunteer families in a professional way 

  • Supporting and influencing local authorities and organizations in order to promote centers for lone soldiers throughout Israel

To become a value-based center, which provides workshops for IDF's commanders:

  • To provide  workshops that will be a central part of  IDF's training for commanders

  • They provide seminars based on the values of human and national dignity, to strengthen the next generation of commanders and civilians

  • To empower and strengthen Beit Kobi's volunteers, and promote volunteerism as a civil value

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Create your private brand of Israeli wine

Adopt your grapevine in the Israeli farmer's vineyard, and receive a case of six bottles of wine, each with your personal label. For you and your family, as an incredible gift, you name it!


"I got my wine and tried the first bottle- it was delicious! I tell everyone about my olive tree and grapevine."

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Create your private brand of Israeli olive oil

Adopt an olive tree in an Israeli farmer's olive grove, and receive six bottles of olive oil with your personal label. For you and your family, as an incredible gift, in memory of a loved one, you name it!


" I am so glad I ordered six bottles to share with family and friends!"


Create your private brand of Israeli whisky

Invest in a barrel of Israeli whiskey at Golani distillery and receive two cases of six bottles of your private label of Whiskey with your name on each bottle. Single Grain | Single Cask | 46% Experience, aged in new charred oak casks at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, overlooking the Sea Of Galilee.

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