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Be A Part of Israel's Success Story

There is no doubt that Israel is one of the world’s great success stories. Israel began its journey as a young country and transformed into a regional power in many areas. After seven decades of support and investment, it’s time to reap the fruits that Israel has to offer.

Its time to harvest Israel.

Many people are looking for ways to show their love and support for Israel. My Tree in Israel gives you the opportunity to support and promote Israel, while receiving a beautiful and distinctive product that you can be proud of, directly to your doorstep!


When you join our program, you are:

  • Supporting and promoting local Israeli farmers;

  • Strengthening and contributing to the Israeli economy;

  • Deepening both yours and our roots in the land of Israel.


​In return:

  • You have an Israeli farmer who will take loving care of your tree;

  • You will receive six bottles of high quality extra virgin kosher olive oil per tree;

  • Each of your bottles will be labeled with your private brand;

  • Your package will be sent directly to your doorstep;

  • You will have something tangible in the Land of Israel that you can visit on your next trip to Israel.

Reason why people adopt olive trees through My Tree in Israel:

  • Because they love Israeli olive oil;

  • In order to deepen their roots in the Land of Israel;

  • They love the direct connection to the Israeli farmer and the way they support him;

  • Adopting an olive tree is a great investment in a legacy that keeps on giving for generations to come.

There are several ways that people choose to adopt their olive tree:

  • For themselves and their family;

  • As a great gift for someone special for their birthday, anniversary, holiday, you name it;

  • In memory of a loved one;

  • As a part of an educational program;

  • For Bat or Bar Mitzvahs;

  • A communal tree through our partnership program.

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