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Promote Israel while supporting your community


Strengthen your communities identity and faith to Israel through a unique and personalized connection with local Israeli farmers who will create your very own Israeli product with your private label, shipped directly to your community.


Give your community a fundraiser opportunity.


A turnkey program, with multiple options.

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Fundraiser Progream

Give your members the opportunity to adopt their own tree, grapevine or whisky cask, and we will donate back a portion of the proceeds.

Additional Options

Gifts to Donors: Adopt community trees, create your privately labeled olive oil, whisky and wine, or the donor's private label, and give them to your donors as a gift from the community.

Gifts to Members: Adopt community trees, create your private brand of olive oil or wine, and give to your members as a gift, or sell/raffle the bottles to your members.

Israel at War!

Embark on an unprecedented journey of solidarity as Israel and global Jews and Christians unite against a common adversary! Witness the resilience of the Israeli people on the front lines, where even farmers stand guard at the nation's borders.

Seize the opportunity to become a vital force in safeguarding the Land by joining our exclusive partnership program. Your involvement not only contributes to the defense of Israel but also supports the valiant farmers and bolsters the resilience of the Israeli economy. Be a catalyst for change – join us in this compelling mission!

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So Many Reasons to Join

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Direct connection with the Israeli farmer who also benefits from the program.


Strengthening your spiritual & tangible connection to the Land of Israel.


For the first time ever, your tree in Israel yields you something beautiful in return.

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A portion of the proceeds is donated to Lone Soldiers through Beit Kobi. Read More

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Your own personal product, fresh and high quality sent directly to your doorstep.

Fundraiser Program

Offer your members to adopt their own tree or grapevine, and we will donate back a portion of the proceeds 

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Olive Tree

  • 6 bottles of privately labeled olive oil

  • Including delivery to the community.

  • VIP tour when you visit Israel

Price: $275 

Donated Back: $40

Gewürztraminer Or Pioneer

  • 6 bottles of privately labeled wine

  • Including delivery to the community.

  • VIP tour when you visit Israel

Price: $360

Donated Back: $40

Moledet Reserve

  • 6 bottles of privately labeled premium wine.

  • Including delivery to the community.

  • VIP tour when you visit Israel

Price: $399

Donated Back: $40


  • 3 bottles of privately labeled premier wine.

  • Including delivery to the community.

  • VIP tour when you visit Israel

Price: $420

Donated Back: $20


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  • 6 bottles of privately labeled whisky.

  • Including delivery to the community.

  • VIP tour when you visit Israel

Price: $430

Donated Back: $40

Messages from several leaders who are partnered with us to their members

Among our Partnered organizations

Fundraiser Ideas

Ideas to connect as many members as possible and fundraise successfully:  

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Personal adoptions
  • Adopt a family tree and enjoy a private brand of olive oil and wine.

  • As a gift for someone special for their birthday, anniversary, holiday gift, Bar/Bat mitzvah, you name it!

  • As a living memorial to a person who has passed.

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Educational Gardening
Educational program

Adopting an olive tree in Israel is a terrific way to connect your student to Israel with something tangible. The olive tree can fit into your school curriculum through religious studies, Zionistic studies, agricultural studies, you name it! Visit your tree and meet your farmer on your next trip to Israel or via zoom. Offer your students parents to participate as well and adopt their family tree.

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Mother and Baby Lighting a Menorah

Choose one of holidays such as Tu-Bishvat or Shavuot as an opportunity to promote this program. A beautiful way to connect your members to Israel through the olive tree which symbolizes peace, one of the seven species know to the land of Israel ,and the olive oil, which was used in the Temple. 

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Virtual Meeting
Zoom meetings

Arrange conference meetings with us for people to learn more about the program.

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Bnai Mitzvah

As a part of preparing your young adult for his/her bar/bat mitzvah, adopting olive trees is a wonderful way to support and connect them Israel and a wonderful educational experience. Parents can adopt tree's and receive the bottles of oil labeled with their childes name which can be distributed to their guests during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. When the child and his/her family visit Israel, they are welcome to visit their trees and meet their farmer.

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Business Conference
Business Owners

For your members who own a business, adopting olive trees and creating a private brand of olive oil with the business brand is a great way to promote the business by: Giving them to employees as gifts, birthday gifts, promotional gifts at conferences and meetings, gifts at exhibitions. 

Ideas for marketing

Print Marketing: Magazine or newspaper ad.

Digital Marketing: 

  • Email marketing

  • Ad on website

  • Article or blog post


  • During community events, place the roll-up banner and fliers on the campus and speak about the partnership.

  • Raffle - raffle out bottles or trees.

  • Educational event - class from Rabbi, or virtual event with us.

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How we help you

Your own page

My Tree will build a designated landing page for your organization to learn more about the program and sign up. See the example here:

Digital Marketing

My Tree will send you personalized marketing materials to help promote.

VIP tours & events

My Tree is willing to help arrange special virtual programs for members to learn about the Israeli olive oil and wine industry and learn about the program.

For members who are visiting Israel, My Tree will grant them a VIP tour of the olive grove and vineyard and their tree in Israel.

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