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Connect your members to Israel ,while giving you the opportunity to fundraise for YOUR community easily and effortlessly

In light of the fact that different communities are pleased with our product and program, some expressed their desire to use our platform to set up a fundraiser for their community/congregation/temple. This is why My Tree has developed a partnership program that I think may interest you as well. If your community works throughout the year to connect its members to Israel, and if your community would like to add another way to fundraise, you may find this an attractive opportunity.

Our partnership program gives people a unique way to connect to Israel by adopting a tree in Israel, and in return getting their private brand of olive oil from their tree at the end of the season. Our partners adopt trees because they want the high quality Israeli olive oil, or because it makes an awesome gift, or simply because they found the personal connection to the Israeli farmer as new and innovative. For you, we will give back a commission/donation to the community for every member that joins our program through you, creating another channel of income throughout the year for your community.

In the words of one farmer: 

"For us, it’s a way to grow our business, but also to strengthen the bond with people that care about us. So it’s a real win win for both of us"

The message from several leaders who are partnered with us to their members

"Promote Israel While Supporting Our Community" 

Ideas to connect as many members as possible and fundraise successfully:  

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Gift Shop Manager

A wonderful idea to offer people to give a gift to a loved one, as a birthday gift, as a holiday gift, or to anyone looking for a unique and original gift. Just add the product to the community gift shop. There is no need to hold any inventory and fund it, just introduce the idea, fir example with a role up in your store, or a link on your gift shop website. An olive tree in Israel connects people in a very personal way to Israel.

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Cemetery Director

Encourage people to adopt trees with a sign In memory of a loved one in order to commemorate their loved ones in the land of Israel. Have peoples loved ones memory live on in the land of Israel. 

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Educational Gardening
Educational program

Adopting an olive tree in Israel is a terrific way to connect your student to Israel with something tangible. The olive tree can fit into your school curriculum through religious studies, Zionistic studies, agricultural studies, you name it! Visit your tree and meet your farmer on your next trip to Israel or via zoom. Offer your students parents to participate as well and adopt their family tree.

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Mother and Baby Lighting a Menorah

Choose one of holidays such as Tu-Bishvat or Shavuot as an opportunity to promote this program. A beautiful way to connect your members to Israel through the olive tree which symbolizes peace, one of the seven species know to the land of Israel ,and the olive oil, which was used in the Temple. 

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Virtual Meeting
Zoom meetings

Arrange conference meetings with us for people to learn more about the program.

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Bnai Mitzvah

As a part of preparing your young adult for his/her bar/bat mitzvah, adopting olive trees is a wonderful way to support and connect them Israel and a wonderful educational experience. Parents can adopt tree's and receive the bottles of oil labeled with their childes name which can be distributed to their guests during the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. When the child and his/her family visit Israel, they are welcome to visit their trees and meet their farmer.

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Responsive Website
Communications Director

Let people know about this partnership between your community and My Tree in Israel by using different platform at your disposal. For example emails, newsletters, a clip of your leadership calling people to adopt their tree, or by creating a page on your website. 

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Business Conference
Business Owners

For your members who own a business, adopting olive trees and creating a private brand of olive oil with the business brand is a great way to promote the business by: Giving them to employees as gifts, birthday gifts, promotional gifts at conferences and meetings, gifts at exhibitions. 

What People Say


"We love "My Tree in Israel." It is a fantastic way to support Israeli farmers directly and grow the Jewish people's connection with the Land of Israel. Plus, we get six bottles of delicious olive oil. It made for an incredible Hannukah gift!"

A. Harris

barbara glickman participant.jpg

"I was thrilled and proud to sponsor an Olive Tree in Israel in support of our Hebrew School. What a fantastic way for our synagogue school to partner with an incredible organization in Israel. The custom olive oil is very special and fabulous. I can’t wait for our Tichon students to possibly visit the tree on their trip to Israel next year!"

B. Glickman

"Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."
"We encourage anyone who wants to connect to the land of Israel and support the agricultural economy in a real way to adopt a tree and be a part of the life of the agricultural community of Israel."

W. Bishop

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"Excellent organization to help give your loved one spiritual rest in the great Nation of Israel. Thank you for fulfilling a desire from a departed loved one."

H. Ramsey

Teresa Ramsey.jpeg
Larry 1.jpg

"I really like the Mytree program. It helps support Israeli farmers and helps people feel connected to the state of Israel. Of course, I like the Olive Oil too. I've told a number of people about this program, and they have joined. Hopefully they will tell others. Thanks for organizing this program. Some day I hope to visit my Olive Oil farmer in Israel. Take care"

L. Bressler

Jim DiPeso.jpg

"From the fruit of a tree in Israel to our table in faraway America, My Tree olive oil is a bridge that unites people around shared love of good food and the good earth. We are humbly honored to partner with My Tree as a memorial to my brother of blessed memory and as hope for a sustainable, prosperous future for all."

J. Dipeso


 We believe a partnership between us will add considerable additional revenue to your yearly budget

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