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For the first time, you can visit your tree in Israel, and meet your farmer!

For the first time, people have the unique opportunity to visit Israel and see the tree, grapevine, or whisky cask they adopted.


They can meet their dedicated farmer or winemaker, learning firsthand the intricate processes of producing wine, olive oil, and whisky in Israel.


This visit allows them to taste the fruits of their investment and engage in meaningful conversations with the farmers who nurture their trees. The encounter is often profoundly emotional, as they witness their tree adorned with a personalized plaque, symbolizing their contribution.


This momentous experience showcases how their tree in Israel is yielding something beautiful and tangible, deepening their connection to the Land of Israel.

Tours for Groups

The VIP tour described above is perfect for both individuals and groups visiting as part of a larger tour. This unique experience offers a special package for group tours, which includes full wine tastings and a delicious array of food.

What Makes this Tours Exceptional?

The opportunity for participants to adopt their own tree and receive private-labeled wine, olive oil, or whisky from the farms, wineries, or distilleries they visit. These products, crafted with care and personalized for each participant, are then shipped directly to their doorstep.


This exclusive tour not only deepens the connection to the land and its people but also offers a memorable and tangible keepsake from their journey. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of their tour in Israel.

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