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One of the most important components in cultivating an ongoing connection between Israel supporters and Israel is the connection to the Land of Israel. A rooted and value-based connection to the land, agriculture, and farmers creates a deep connection over the years. This is why people from all over the world see My Tree as the robust bridge between them and the Land of Israel.

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Create your private brand of olive oil from your adopted tree in the Land of Israel

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As an incredible gift     In memory of a loved one     For you and your family

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 "This is my second year getting 6 bottles of oil.   I share them with my extended Kalik family. We all love olive oil,  and our friends think it s great when they see the bottle with our private label."

Who We Are

We are an Israeli company with a new vision dedicated to connect people from around the world to Israel in a unique and personalized way.


The Unique Way

You connect directly with local Israeli farmers who create high-quality olive oil and wine which “My Tree” ships out to its family of adopters with their private label. The idea that people can support Israel, not in the form of a donation, but rather by investing in an Israeli farmer who produces a beautiful product in return, all while preserving the meaningful feeling of support for Israel is the game changer.

Kosher Stamps


How It Works


You adopt an olive tree in Israel near Jezreel Valley.


During the year, the farmer takes care of your tree and cultivates it. You are welcome to come and visit your tree during the year.


When the harvest arrives (November), we produce pure, high-quality Kosher extra virgin boutique olive oil for you.


Six bottles personalized with your name or the name of your choice will be delivered directly to your doorstep after the harvest.


"It was such a highlight of our trip to meet all of you.  Thank you so much for taking us to the tree and showing us how the olives are pressed."


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To deepen their roots in the Land of Israel giving them something tangible in the State of Israel.

Because they love Israeli olive oil, adoring it's nostalgic taste. 

Because they want a direct connection to the Israeli farmer to support him.

To invest in a legacy that keeps giving for generations to come.

A rooted and value based connection to the land, agriculture and farmers creates a deep connection over the years

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"The olive oil is delicious"

"shared with neighbors who were ecstatic to get something from the Holy Land"

" I enjoyed picturing the Israeli farmer and the olive grove in Israel."

" It was simply the best olive oil I have ever tasted."

"This is a beautiful way to support Israel and Israeli farmers—would highly recommend!!"

"Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."

" I am so glad I ordered six bottles to share with family and friends!"

"it is fun to see my name on the label!"

"The fragrance of the oil brings me back to memories of a long ago summer trip to Israel"

" I was so exited to receive my personal brand of olive oil from Israel! A great way to support Israel"

"Todah rabah for all of your hard work to bring us this wonderful oil"


"Mike has said 3 times since the visit how cool it was!"

"Thanks for the personalized tour. We enjoyed the visit."

J. Huckabee

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Violet Zeitlin.jpg

My family and I were so happy to receive the beautifully packaged olive oil from My Tree. It has been our pleasure to subscribe to My Tree for 2 years now and we found the olive oil to be excellent. It also makes a great gift. We look forward to visiting our tree next time in Israel.

V. Zeitlin

Pat Kalik.jpg

I just received my private brand  Kalik Family Olive Oil.   This is my second year getting 6 bottles of oil.   I share them with my extended Kalik familyy.    We all love the olive oil,  and our friends think it s great when they see the bottle with our private brand.    In fact I sent 6 bottles to my family in Florida,  with their family name as the brand.   My brothers, sisters-in-law,  Mom and nieces and nephews each got their own bottle.   

The whole family loves the oil  and we will be ordering again.   And a big plus is that it helps Israeli farmers.


P. Kalik 

"Visiting our adopted tree was one of the highlights of our trip to Israel."

"We encourage anyone who wants to connect to the land of Israel and support the agricultural economy in a real way to adopt a tree and be a part of the life of the agricultural community of Israel."

C. Bishop

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