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All adoptions of olive trees, the olive oil will ship in December 2024

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All orders of whisky ordered by November 1st, 2024 will be received in December 2024.

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All orders of wine ordered by August 25th, 2024 will be received in September 2024.

Tree NumberReceiver
1John & Becca Bagwell
2Jane & Gordon Powell
3Tom & Elizabeth Knowles-Bagwell
4Anna & Currin Morgan
5Pat & Paul Anderson
6Kim & Brad Gray
7Troy & Jennifer Burke
8Paige & Steven Whaley
9Betty Vandiver
10Tim & Amanda Salaz
11Jackie Harland
12Paige & Mark Hodges
13Paul & Amy Anderson
14Vicki Jones
15Tony & Lupe Saloman
16Shelly & Denny O'Hara

Sally Walker 16 Olive Trees

$4,400.00 Regular Price
$3,680.00Sale Price
Price Options
$3,680.00every year until canceled
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