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Your Personal Bridge to the Land of Israel

Shaarei Beth El SBE


My Tree in Israel Partnership

Your Connection to Israeli Farmers

Strengthen your identity and faith to Israel through a unique and personalized connection with local Israeli farmers who will create your very own Israeli product with your private label, shipped directly to your doorstep.


"The Neatest gift that I have ever had"

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Create your private brand of Israeli olive oil

Adopt an olive tree in an Israeli farmer's olive grove, and receive six bottles of olive oil with your personal label at the end of the season after the harvest. For you and your family, as an incredible gift, in memory of a loved one, you name it!

Kosher Stamps


Products from the Olive Tree

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Handcrafted Olive Wood Mezuzah


Experience the beauty and tradition of a Mezuzah made from olive wood, crafted with love and passion by a skilled artisan in Eilat. This exquisite piece not only serves as a meaningful Jewish article but also showcases the unique artistry of working with olive wood.


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Decorative Olive Oil Soap


Indulge in the nourishing benefits of our Luxurious Israeli Olive Oil Soap, crafted from the highest quality olive oil harvested in the sun-drenched groves of Israel. This soap is a testament to the purity and excellence of Israeli olive oil, known for its rich moisturizing properties and natural antioxidants.


Coming Soon
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Metal plaque for your adopted olive tree

Honor your connection to Israel and the olive tree you’ve adopted with a beautifully crafted metal sign, personalized just for you. This elegant plaque will be hung on your adopted tree, proudly displaying your name, or the name of a loved one you wish to honor or remember.


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Create Your Private Collection of Israeli Wine

Your private collection of wine represents your personal and direct connection to the Israeli farmer, who cultivates the land with a passion for producing the best wine from the Land of Israel for you. My Tree in Israel’s program is an extraordinary way to express your love and support for Israel, and we look forward to making this partnership a tradition for years to come.
Adopt a grapevine and receive six bottles of wine, each with your personal label. For you and your family, as an incredible gift, in memory of a loved one, you name it!

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Pioneer ( חלוץ ), produced by Jezreel Valley Winery, is a complex, balanced, rich red blend. Combining pleasant aromas and beautiful flavors with a long and delightful finish. Jezreel valley winery is a boutique winery dedicated to actual Israeli winemaking. The sun-loving varieties and the winemaking style reflect a world of original Israeli wine.

  • Red blend: Syrah, Argaman, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 14 months French Oak

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 6 bottles per case

  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lone Soldiers and to the community

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Savor our handcrafted semi-dry white wine, made exclusively from Gewurztraminer grapes. Experience a symphony of aromas, from flower nectar to luscious lychee and peach, complemented by apricot and tropical fruit notes. Balanced with citrus acidity and subtle sweetness, our wine reflects the essence of Israeli winemaking at Emek Jezreel Winery.

  • Semi dry white wine: Gewürztraminer

  • Unoaked

  • Includes Shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 6 bottles per case

  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lone Soldiers

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Moledet Reserve ( מולדת ): a bold blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Beyond its simplicity, Jezreel Valley aimed to surpass expectations, adding our unique touch. Carefully chosen vineyards, precise harvesting, and 18 months of separate aging resulted in this full-bodied red. Expect classic red and black berry tones, enhanced by surprising hints of black pepper, smoke, and cocoa. An extraordinary, precise, and complex wine.

  • Dry red blend: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 18 months French Oak

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 6 bottles per case

  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lone Soldiers

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Jezreel's premier wine. Made from the highest rated barrels from each vintage. Complex, aromatic, wonderfully balanced with long lingering finish. 22 months in oak barrels. The perfect wine!

  • Dry red blend: Syrah, Carignan

  • 22 months French Oak barrels

  • Includes shipping to the USA

  • Personal label on each bottle

  • 3 bottles per case

  • A portion of the are proceeds donated to Lone Soldiers

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Create your private brand of Israeli whisky

Invest in a barrel of Israeli whiskey at Golani distillery and receive two cases of six bottles of your private label of Whiskey with your name on each bottle. Single Grain | Single Cask | 46% Experience, aged in new charred oak casks at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, overlooking the Sea Of Galilee.

Watch an interview with the My Tree in Israel team and Jacob, founder of Jezreel Winery

Celebrating Israel’s Independence!

Introducing our exclusive boutique package featuring handpicked treasures from Israeli farmers.
A fantastic chance to savor the delights from My Tree's selection, and to give each family member the bottle of his or her choice!

Whisky             |           Olive Oil           |           Boutique Wine

 A celebration of their dedication and hard work, especially during the war!

🌱 What's Inside: All you need to celebrate Israel's Independence Day!

Olive Oil:
Immerse yourself in the rich and robust flavors of our premium Israeli olive oil. Cold-pressed and bursting with authenticity, it's the perfect addition to elevate your culinary creations.

Moledet Reserve (Dry red blend):
Sip on the essence of Israel's vineyards with a luxurious red blend. Crafted by passionate Israeli winemakers, this bottle captures the bold and distinct character of the region.

White Wine (Gewürztraminer):
Delight in the crisp and refreshing notes of our Gewürztraminer white wine. Experience the finesse and elegance that make Israeli wines truly exceptional.

Elevate your spirits with our carefully selected Israeli whisky, a testament to the craftsmanship of local distillers. Savor the complexity and depth of flavors that define the Israeli whisky experience.

Shipping to the community
Shipping to the private address
A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lone Soldiers and to the community
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Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening the robust bridge between Israel supporters around the world and Israel through a unique and personalized bond with local Israeli farmers.

A rooted and value-based connection to the land, agriculture, and farmers that creates a deep connection over the years.

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The Unique Way

You connect directly with local Israeli farmers who create high-quality olive oil and wine which “My Tree” ships out to its family of adopters with their private label. The idea that people can support Israel, not in the form of a donation, but rather by investing in an Israeli farmer who produces a beautiful product in return, all while preserving the meaningful feeling of support for Israel is the game changer.


How it works: Whisky

You invest in a barrel of whiskey at Golani distillery. Single Grain | Single Cask | 46% Experience refinement with our Golani Black Lifestyle Whisky.

From that cask, you will receive a case of six bottles each 700 ml. 

You will choose the name you'd like to print on the label of your bottles.

The bottles will then be sent to you in the USA for you to enjoy. The next shipment will be in December for Hanukah and New Years.


How it works: Wine

You adopt a grapevine in the galilee, in the north of Israel.

During the year, the farmer takes care of your grapevine and cultivates it.

When the harvest arrives, the farmer will produce pure, high-quality Kosher wine for you.

Six bottles personalized with your name or the name of your choice will be delivered directly to your doorstep after the wine finishes its aging process in the barrel. 

The next shipment will be in September 2024.

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How It Works: Olive Oil


You adopt an olive tree in Israel near the Jezreel Valley.


During the year, the farmer takes care of your tree and cultivates it. You are more than welcome to visit your tree and meet your farmer.


When the harvest arrives (November), your farmer will produce pure, high-quality Kosher extra virgin boutique olive oil for you.

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Six bottles personalized with your name or the name of your choice will be delivered directly to you, or to

Shaarei Beth El SBE

186 Morrison Road Oakville ON Canada L6J 4J4

Violet Zeitlin.jpg

My family and I were so happy to receive the beautifully packaged olive oil from My Tree. It has been our pleasure to subscribe to My Tree for 2 years now and we found the olive oil to be excellent. It also makes a great gift. We look forward to visiting our tree next time in Israel.

V. Zeitlin

Pat Kalik.jpg

I just received my private brand  Kalik Family Olive Oil.   This is my second year getting 6 bottles of oil.   I share them with my extended Kalik familyy.    We all love the olive oil,  and our friends think it s great when they see the bottle with our private brand.    In fact I sent 6 bottles to my family in Florida,  with their family name as the brand.   My brothers, sisters-in-law,  Mom and nieces and nephews each got their own bottle.   

The whole family loves the oil  and we will be ordering again.   And a big plus is that it helps Israeli farmers.


P. Kalik 

Thank you so much for creating the opportunity to have a little piece of Israel with us while we are in the U.S.  Not only is the olive oil of high quality but the personalization of the bottles helps us connect with the product and the people in Israel

C. Edwards

We would like to thank you all for bringing us this wonderful gift from Eretz Yisrael.  The taste is absolutely fabulous  hope to enjoy it now and into 2022.

M. Mellman


 was so excited to receive my bottles of israel olive oil with MyTree in Israel. We used it right away and every time I pour it I’m reminded of my trips to israel and seeing all those olive groves. Seeing our family name right on the bottle makes me proud to have this connection to our homeland. 

S. Wise


Fresh harvest from Israel.... 12 bottles of finest olive oil from my adopted olive trees. Thank you My Tree in Israel - העץ שלי בישראל 😀

J. Schellong

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